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Family Activities around Manchester

Manchester is of course famous for its stunning architecture, of which we believe the Beetham Tower stands head and shoulders above other buildings. Manchester is world famous for many things, including its soccer teams, but it also offers plentiful entertainment

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Lightning hits the Beetham Tower

Those of you who live in Manchester will not have been able to miss the horrendous weather conditions yesterday! Torrential rain, howling wind, thunder and lightning!

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BBC Changing Cityscapes – The Beetham Tower

The Beetham Tower has been getting a lot of media attention recently! In February 2009, the Beetham Tower was featured on Channel 4’s Vertical City series. The latest news is that the Beetham Tower has been featured on the BBC’s

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Beetham Tower like Citadel from Half Life 2?

People have different opinions about the Beetham Tower: some admire the striking architecture of the building, others think it is too angular. We were however surprised to learn that an increasing number of people have been comparing the Beetham Tower

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Beetham Tower on Vertical City, Channel 4

We’re excited to announce that the Beetham Tower in Manchester will be featured on Vertical City on More 4 at 8:30pm on Monday the 23rd February.

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Video interview with Ian Simpson about the Hilton Tower

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20 Famous Skyscrapers Reproduced in Lego

20 Famous Skyscrapers Reproduced in Lego Skyscrapers are striking examples of the accomplishments of modern man. The lego versions of these famous skyscrapers may not be as high, but the attention to detail and the complexity of designs bear witness

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Ian Simpson supports congestion charges

In Greater Manchester there is debate going on at present as to whether congestion charges should be brought in. Those in favour of the congestion charges argue they will reduce pollution, help pay for expanding the tram system and increase

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What’s the name of the tower at 1 Blackfriars Road?

There are lots of different names being used for the Beetham Tower in London. Part of the reason for this is that the 173 metres skyscraper hasn’t yet been built! So what are some of the names currently being used

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Famous people living in the Beetham Tower

There are several famous residents of the Beetham Tower in Manchester. It’s easy to understand why. The Beetham Tower is the highest residential skyscraper in the UK and it has received numerous awards for it’s striking design and architecture. So

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