Beetham Tower on Vertical City, Channel 4

We’re excited to announce that the Beetham Tower in Manchester will be featured on Vertical City on More 4 at 8:30pm on Monday the 23rd February.

Vertical City on Channel 4

“Skyscrapers are not just tall structures – they are symbols of wealth, importance and power, and every major city has one.”

In the programme you will learn about how the Beetham Tower was built, some of the differing opinions about the tower and you’ll also see some of the wonderful views from the tower, which are the best in all of Manchester. If you are considering living in the Beetham Tower, this is definately a programme worth watching as is it a wonderful introduction to the Beetham Tower.

The Veritical City series is hosted by Charlie Luxton, an architectural designer and broadcaster. In the Vrtical City series, Charlie Luxton examines greatest skyscrapers in the world and discusses the stories surrounding each one. The Beetham Tower will appear in episode 6 which will be aired this Monday. Previous skyscapers discussed in the series have been:

  • One Canada Square
  • 7 World Trade Center
  • Bank of China Building
  • Turning Torso
  • 375 Park Avenue

So, make sure you watch the episode on Beetham Tower this Monday!

You can learn more about the Beetham Tower episode on the Channel 4 website.

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