Management regulations

Living in the Beetham Tower

Access To Beetham Tower

The main point of access to the building is via the front door. If you have been programmed on the Bio-Metric system you will need to use your fingerprint and your door fob to gain entry.

To be programmed on the Bio-Metric system please read the previous Moving In section for information. The rear door to concierge, adjacent to the lifts, is not used for access and is only used for loading/unloading of large items or heavy shopping by arrangement with the Concierge.

If you have visitors coming, they can dial your apartment number from the panel and this will allow you to let them in via your intercom.

For safety and security, the concierge staff will, at all times, challenge and ask all guests for their destination apartment. Please advise your guests.


Southern Electric supply the electricity to your apartment. Upon moving in you should make contact with them to ensure that your account is set up. Meter readings can be requested from the concierge and you should ensure that these are taken upon moving in and moving out.

All heating and water in your apartment is metered by EnerG. They remotely supply the meter readings for these so again you should contact them when you move in/out to ensure correct billing.

Each apartment can support Sky should you choose to contact them to have installed. Please be aware Sky+ is not supported to its full capacity but can be used for some function (As is Sky HD/SKY HD+). BT phones lines have also been installed inside each apartment but again you will need to contact BT to arrange activation of these.

Living Here Lifts

Please be aware that we have 2 lifts serving the residential floors between 25 and 47. If you need to transport any large items in/out of the building via the lifts then please give the concierge as much notice as possible so we can arrange to provide the dedicated lift for you. The lifts are in high demand at early morning and early evening rush-hours so please avoid attempting to move any items in these periods.


Located at the end of each corridor, behind the lifts are the bin chute rooms. In here you will be able to dispose of your waste in a small swing bin bag (total size no larger than a standard Tesco carrier bag). Tie the bag securely, open the chute and place the bag inside, close the door carefully. The system works well if used carefully.

If you have any large items e.g. cardboard boxes or packaging, to be disposed of they should be brought down to Reception and concierge told, so we can dispose of them for you and keep the area clean and tidy.

Any large items placed in the bin chutes will cause a blockage and you will be liable for any charges incurred to unblock it. There are signs in the bin chute rooms advising you how to dispose of your waste properly. Cameras are installed in the corridors and record all activity.

Please take 5 minutes to familiarise yourself with the guidelines and notices in the bin chute rooms. Please use the system carefully and DO NOT dispose of large items via the bin chute.


The apartment corridors, bin chute rooms and stairwells are cleaned each weekday between 8am and 4pm, this includes a full hoover of the corridor carpets on your floor. If you make a mess in any of these areas you are expected to clean them up afterwards. Should you require additional cleaning inside your apartment, Concierge will be able to provide you with contact details for private cleaning firms who already work in the Tower.

Common areas are cleaned daily. Please do not drop litter or cause unnecessary mess. Report any spillages, etc to concierge so that they can be cleaned up.

Living Here Noise / Good Neighbours

Apartment living is community living – with friends and neighbours sharing communal space and living in close proximity to one another. What you do in your apartment has an instant impact on others around you and may cause discomfort and distress. So please treat your neighbours above, below and around you with consideration.

Loud noise is the most common form of disturbance so we need everyone to remember a few key points for consideration:

  • Keep music / TV and audio speakers raised off the floor to reduce sound transmission
  • Turn down the bass! – Keep music and TV sound low after 11pm
  • Don’t slam doors
  • Keep loud voices / arguments to a minimum
  • Avoid outdoor shoes on wooden floors
  • Don’t move furniture around during unsocial hours

We can all help to keep Beetham Tower a friendly and neighbourly place to live.

The terms of your lease state that noise emanating from within your apartment must not cause any nuisance to your neighbours. Music/TV must not be played loud enough to be heard from outside your apartment door and not played loudly before 8am and after 11pm.

Please note the management company will pursue all complaints against noisy neighbours and will work with Manchester City Council to deal firmly with Anti Social Behaviour.

If there is continuous failure to comply with this, your landlord can take steps to terminate your lease agreement. If you are experiencing noise problems, please contact Concierge and log a complaint so that actions can be taken to trace and stop the disturbance.

In addition, Manchester City Council’s Anti Social Behaviour Action Team (ASBAT) may be called to handle the problem.


Beetham Tower is a no smoking building. Smoking in the stairwells, car park or corridors is illegal. Anyone found smoking in these areas will be subject to action from the managing agents / estate agents and may face on-the-spot fines from Council enforcement officers.

Anyone found smoking by the front door will also be asked to move away from the building to prevent any passers by and other residents from inhaling secondary smoke. Smoking cannabis and other illegal substances will not be tolerated and Greater Manchester Police can react at short notice to trace the source and take action against possession.


If you are expecting guests, Concierge needs to be informed of who is coming, especially if you have a large number of people visiting. With this in mind can you also ask visitors to be aware that this is a residential building and other people may not appreciate any loud or threatening behaviour.

For your own safety and security, Concierge team has a zero tolerance policy for any mischievous or unruly behaviour. Should any person/s be found to be causing trouble, they will be asked to leave the building. Should they fail to comply with this, the police will be called.

Serviced Accommodation

Beetham Tower is a residential building, not a hotel. Serviced accommodation is not permitted and contravenes the terms of your lease/AST. If Braemar Estates suspect that ‘one night lets’ are taking place then legal action will be taken against the landlord of the apartment. The Concierge will also refuse entry to all people who are suspected of planning to stay on a ‘one-night let’ basis.


No items e.g. posters, flags or advertising materials, should be placed directly on the windows inside the apartments. No washing is to be hung to dry on the south- facing balconys. White curtains only can be hung. Louvre and vent windows must be closed during high winds, if not Police action and substantial claims for damage may result.

Anything dropped from these windows may well cause injury / severe damage to the general public so please refrain from throwing items out. Police action and substantial claims against you for damages may well result. White curtains only may be hung.

Residents will be liable for damage to the Hotel canopy caused by objects thrown from balconies.


The apartment corridors must at all times be kept clear of any obstructions to prevent any difficulties in the event of an emergency. This includes welcome mats outside the apartment doors as they constitute a health and safety hazard.

Car Parks

The car park is available for those with a Right to Park. The car park is on two lower levels underneath the Tower and are numbered -1 and -2 accordingly. Access to the car park is via the roller shutter door on Trafford Street and also from the lift lobby areas.

To activate the shutter you must have a car fob, which has been programmed by the Facilities Manager or the Concierge, or you can access via the intercom at both sides of the shutter. To gain entry to the building from the car park you will need to use your door entry fob.

There are no visitor spaces in the car park and any car found parking illegally WILL BE CLAMPED. You must always park within the lines of your designated bay and will also be responsible for the cleanliness of your bay. Only one vehicle is permitted per space. Car park spaces can not be sub-let as per the terms of your lease.

Bike Rack

Bikes must be stored in the bike racks in the car park on -1. Please exit and enter the building via the car park ramp as the rear of the building on Trafford Street. DO NOT take your bike through the reception area or into the lifts. Bikes must not be stored in apartments. Please see the Concierge to register your bike and find out where to store it.


Master keys are held for each apartment and are only to be used for access in an emergency (burst water pipe, fire, etc). If you are expecting any contractors to enter your apartment (Sky, BT, TEKA) then please leave your keys for them as we will not be able to escort them up to the apartment with our master key.

Management Regulations

Beetham Tower Management regulations are attached to the back of this welcome pack. Further copies are available from Concierge. Please take the time to read, understand and sign your copy. These regulations stipulate what you can/cannot do while in residence to protect the security/safety or yourself and others.

Queries and Complaints

If you have any queries or apartment defects (including leaks or other urgent issues) please fill in a resident’s query form to see if we can assist you in any way. Please note the majority of apartments are now well out of their defect warranty period and any faults may need to be resolved by your individual landlord.

If you have a complaint, again please fill in a resident’s complaint form so we can log your complaint. This will then be followed up by Braemar Estates and any actions taken as a result will be communicated back to you within a week.

Service Charge

The Service Charge is paid for by the owners of the apartments quarterly in advance. A budget is prepared once a year and reconciled at each end of year. The service charge provides for the services to the building, i.e. window cleaning, lift maintenance, bin chute, etc. If you are the owner of an apartment, then a copy of the full budget is available on request from Lyn Windeler.

Moving In

All new residents moving into Beetham Tower should be aware of the following procedures:

Moving In / Moving Out

Estate Agents must let the concierge/management team know of arrival dates and times as we have one designated lift (R2) that may be used and it will need fitting out with protective curtains prior to use. Moving in must be between the hours of 10am and 4pm to avoid lift congestion during peak hours.

Loading / Unloading

Entrance for unloading will be via the rear doors only (if unable to use the car park) where there is a small lay-by to use whilst unloading/loading, although we cannot guarantee you won’t receive a parking ticket. This process will only happen if there are two concierge staff on duty so one can man the door whilst furniture is removed to maintain security of the building. It is your responsibility to look after your own belongings during unloading. The cost of repairing any damage to the lifts or communal areas e.g. broken mirrors in lifts, chipped paintwork on corridors, must be met by the resident moving in/out. The concierge will check the lifts prior to use and afterwards. Concierge will provide an over-ride key for your sole use of the lift during this time. Instruction of where to place the items whilst they are being unloaded will be given by the concierge as the doors being used are a Fire Exit and must be kept clear at all times. This key must be signed out and signed back in by the resident.

Documents / Access System

On arrival new owners must produce a copy of their Deed of Covenant and new residents must produce a copy of their Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) and photo ID and complete our New Tenant Details pack. Door and car park ‘Bio- Metric’ access fobs will be activated as soon as possible once all forms are completed and returned to concierge. All ASTs must be for a period of six months or more. Other occupiers over 18 years of age must be listed within the AST as a ‘permitted occupier’ and these people will also be included onto the Bio-Metric access system. Other guests who do not have their names on the AST will be considered as short-term guests and will not be permitted onto the Bio-Metric system. Access can be granted by using the ‘P’ button on the main door and by the buzzers in the car parks until registration is complete.

Making Alterations to the Apartment

Licence To Alter

As agreed in the main lease of your apartment and your AST lease, you are not to make any alterations or additions to the apartment or change the structure or appearance of the front door of the apartment e.g. door mats, doors bells, name plates etc.

You cannot cut, maim, alter or injure any of the walls or timbers nor remove any of the landlord’s fixtures without the previous consent of the landlord. This includes heating and intercom systems.

If you are planning to do such works then please get together a method statement for the works along with any plans before the works start and forward them to:

Lyn Windeler MRICS
Senior Surveyor
Braemar Estates (Residential) Ltd
Richmond House,
Heath Road,
Hale, Altrincham,
WA14 2XP

A formal licence will be required from your landlord before the work is started and you will be required to pay Solicitor’s and Agent’s fees.

Unauthorised works to any part of the building may seriously affect the building’s mechanical and electrical systems and the structural integrity. The works may also void certain insurance conditions. You will be held personally liable for any damages caused by unauthorised alteration works.

Solicitors fees will be around £500 and agent’s fees will be around £250 to £500 per licence depending on the extent and complexity of the works being carried out.

Fire Evacuation

Evacuation Of Your Apartment

If the fire cannot be controlled in your apartment you should ring the fire brigade if safe to do so.

The concierge will receive an alert on the fire panel on the ground floor and will contact the fire brigade.

Exit the building using the emergency staircase. Do not use the lifts.

Make you way to the assembly point which is at the residents’ entrance.

Other residents are NOT required to evacuate the building at this stage. (each apartment has sufficient 2 hour fire protection)

The fire brigade has the ability to evacuate a single floor or several floors should they deem it necessary (only the fire brigade can make this decision).

The fire evacuation procedure for the building was designed in consultation with Manchester Fire Services and provides a three-stage plan for evacuation:-

Stage 1:

Scenario – A single apartment experiences a fire – the alarm is activated and fire brigade are called – the occupant of that apartment should make their way down the fire exit to exit the building. The fire services will arrive within minutes – take control of the lifts and check the state of the fire – they may then put the other apartments on the same floor (and perhaps the floor above and floor below) on ‘Stand-By’ for evacuation.

The fire alarm within these apartments will ‘Pulse’ whilst they are on standby – this will warn occupiers that a fire is being tackled nearby.

Stage 2:

Scenario – The fire services may consider that the fire is spreading – The fire services will then decide that nearby occupants also need to evacuate.

The ‘Pulse’ sound in nearby apartments will change to alarm bell and occupants of those apartments affected need to make their way down the fire staircase and assemble outside the building in front of the Hilton Hotel.

Stage 3:

Scenario – If the fire is proving difficult to control then the fire services will then decide that all floors need to evacuate and will activate the alarm for all apartments. All occupants should then make their way down the fire staircase to exit and assemble in front of the Hilton Hotel.

Occupants should use the fire staircase to evacuate – Do not attempt to use the lifts.

Make your way to the assembly point.

Make yourself known to the Concierge.

Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so.

Note: The main fire staircase travels directly down the building to ground floor. A ‘cross-over’ corridor can provide access to the Hilton Hotel fire exit staircase at Level 24 in the unlikely event of a blockage below level 24 in the main staircase. It is a long way down so please only use the staircase in an emergency.

Evacuation Of The Hotel

Upon the fire alarm going into full evacuation within the hotel, all hotel guests will evacuate.

Residents of Beetham Tower are NOT required to evacuate their apartment upon the hotel alarm sounding (you will not hear an alarm in your apartment).

The fire fighting lift (serving the whole building) and passenger lift in the residential area will ground ready to assist the fire brigade.

Hotel guests will descend down the 2 emergency staircases (during an emergency situation no one is allowed to enter the stairwell to go up the stairs).

Guests should not re-enter the building until instructed to do so by the fire brigade.

Stairwells and Common Areas

To ensure there are clear escape routes for use in an emergency, no items of any description must be left in the apartment doorways, corridors, staircases or car park walkways.

If you notice any obstructions please inform Concierge. These areas are all regularly patrolled and any offending items will be removed for disposal.

Fire Escape

If you enter the fire escape stairwell you will “NOT” be able to re-enter any floor. You will have to walk to the bottom of the stairwell. The doors lock automatically.

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