What’s the name of the tower at 1 Blackfriars Road?

There are lots of different names being used for the Beetham Tower in London. Part of the reason for this is that the 173 metres skyscraper hasn’t yet been built!

So what are some of the names currently being used to refer to the tower that is going to be built at 1 Blackfriars Road?

London Beetham Tower

  • London Beetham Tower
  • Jumeirah Tower
  • Beetham London
  • 1 Blackfriars
  • 1 Blackfriars Road
  • Blackfriars Tower
  • Beetham-Mirax Tower

It will be interesting to see what the skyscraper becomes known as.

We know that regardless of the name, the Beetham Tower in London is going to be one of the most striking landmarks in the city because of its architecture and height.


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